Monday, April 21, 2008

Khuda Ke Liye

The first emotion I experienced after seeing the movie was of extreme relief. When some long standing conflict that you are facing suddenly gets resolved, a heavy burden you are carrying suddenly gets released, the air you breathe suddenly fills your lungs completely without being obstructed in any way... Thats how I felt and am still feeling as I write. Conflict, violence, wars on the basis of religion, the current religious intolerance around the world has worried me for a long time now. I was unable to find a solution to this, because I felt that the problem was in the fundamentals of the religions. That two religions cannot coexist was a fundamental truth and that was what was written in the texts of the religions. But I was WRONG. The movie made me realize this which is why the relief :))

Varied Interpretations

Many religions today rely on texts. What is written in the texts is believed to be the truth. But is it possible to put truth, 'satya' into words? Can words capture the truth and convey its completeness? This is the risk we run when we write about higher concepts, and which is where the scope for interpretation enters. How true it is when they say 'to read between the lines'!! A set of words can be extrapolated in so many ways!! What needs to be done is to bring out peaceful interpretations, tolerant interpretations. This is exactly what 'Khuda Ke Liye' does. An interpretation which is as powerful, if not more to the fundamentalist interpretations of Islam which are in vogue today.

The solution to the problem of inter religious conflicts lies in the study of religious texts not just by people who follow the particular religion but by people who follow other religions as well. Not just by men but by women also. By rich, poor, young, old; all people. Let all these interpretations come out and from them, form the power of collective wisdom, let the truth emerge!!

Nasseruddin Shah

Waah!! What a performer! I wonder how the process must have been when he was delivering his dialogs in the court scene. I would have really liked to witness how he practiced his dialogs and how the path to perfection was!! This movie has done some fundamental research of Islam without which this last court scene which is the essence of this movie is not possible. My respects to the director (Shoaib Mansoor) and the researcher for bringing this interpretation and to Nasseruddin Shah for his capacity to carry off such a powerful message.


The movie has described how the world views Islam and how there is diversity in how Muslims themselves view Islam. It is necessary that people such as the one represented by Nasseruddin Shah speak up and bring to the open their interpretations and understandings. Its necessary for us all to understand each other and to do so understand each others beliefs too. Otherwise its just not possible to understand why a person thinks or acts in a particular way.

A must watch!!



Saurav Jha said...

Even I fell in love with Naseruddin's performance in the movie!..Really, what a performer!!
You missed the music part re...quite a few songs are really good!..especially the one in the music classroom "nner bharan kaise jaaon"..i really wish to hear u sing that :)

n ya, u never told me u blogged!!

priyadarshan said...


This is the blog of all nirman students :)

ofcourse the music is beautiful.. forgot to mention