Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Book Review -Diva Swapna

I had seen Gujibhai’s name mentioned in Shikshan - Anandashan by Panse Kaka. I was searching for some books on  primary education and found this one. The moment I saw that Gujibhai were its author it was decided that I will read this book. A decision, which proved to be very good one.

The book was first published in Gujarathi way back in 1932.  Strange that the struggle for improvement of primary education was started long back and still there is so much to do. Written in extremely simple language, the book tells a fictional story of a teacher who seeks permission from the education officer to conduct experiments related to education on 4th std students.

Trying to swim against the current by purposefully shunning the orthodox methods of education he faces many difficulties. He is largely disappointed to see theoretically ideal things were not so easy to implement practically. He then devises various creative and intelligent ways to help teach children in a completely new way.

I am very much tempted to reveal some of the methods of his teaching but I won’t, read it for yourself.  One thing that I liked very much is the way he goes into the details of his experiments and reader is amazed at how nicely he devises ways to solve the problems that are confronted due to the syllabus that is mandated for him to teach.  This book shows that teaching primary children is no child’s play which requires lots of creative hard work and patience. Now method to read this book according to me, 

1) The book is again a small one with only 58 pages. The language used is simple but   since events take place at a very fast pace I suggest that it should be read with appropriate breaks.

2) 4 to 5 pages of reading in a sitting and about couple of sitting in a day could help you finish the book in a week.

3) Sometimes the author goes in more details. It can be a bit boring to read narration of actions of student by a third person when the experiments are being conducted but the way and the outcome of experiments compensates for it.

4) The best part which I liked is the way he teaches grammar to students by helping them understand the core concepts.

NOTE :- Even if you don’t read the entire book, One page Preface given at start is a must read as it gives a hint of present
 education system.


Goli said...

Do you know if this book is available anywhere. I want to buy it
I have an online version of it, but woudl love to have a hard copy.

Anwar said...

I am not aware where this book can be found. I also read an e-copy only.

Bhram said...

Where can one get e-copy of the book ?

NUPUR said...

thank 4 dis review!! it helped me a lot!!

marathepa said...

Hey thanks for the review. Where is the book available?

Deepak Salunke said...

Thanks for the review. I have not read the book yet, but I found this book available on net. So I thought I should share it with all.

The book can be downloaded from here - http://www.mavjibhai.com/EBOOKS/Divaswapna.pdf

Neha Panchpal said...