Tuesday, June 9, 2009

काकू आणि कार्तिक

I visited Orphanage twice this week.


When I went on Saturday, construction was going for the top room of orphanage.The roof is made of tin sheets, which becomes unbearably hot during summer and leaks during rainy season. So a new roof is being made. I told Kaku that we can help out with some part of the money.

Interesting Idea

Two software engineers were also present there. As they both did not knew Marathi, I had to be a translator between them and Kaku. They have written a book and had decided that the orphanage will get the royalty amount. The idea was interesting. It will also help in the sale of their book plus the orphanage will get contributions.

To take or not?

Kaku said that there was a one year old boy who needs help. I am thinking whether I should take him or not. She asked me,”What should I do? There is no space here and also cannot leave the boy”. I had no other option. I just gave a helpless smile.

Fresh Addition to orphanage

As I had promised Kaku that I will help out in construction. I went to orphanage after office yesterday. Kaku had adopted the baby boy. His name is Kartik and he is very cute. :).

Kaku said,"I had to accept him. What is his fault?"

Unimaginable Problems:-

Kaku said some people were asking for adoption from orphanage. But they were specifically demanding children of age 10-12. She said that later they came to know that there was no one to work for the old parents in the home. So they wanted children more for their house work rather than adoption. Just another form of ‘Child Labour’.


Asking about story of Kartik we came to know that, Kartik’s mother is a 20 something girl who got married to a guy. Later she came to know that the guy already had some 10-12 wives. She went into depression and is extremely sick now. She is not in a position to take care of Kartik. I don’t know about the details of her disease and all. She has officially given Kartik to Kaku.

Notable point

In the last two visits only I saw 5 software engineers other than me visiting the orphanage. Good to see people (esp software people) getting connected to at least some problems around them.

Questions that arise in my mind

1. Kaku is hardly educated (6th pass). She doesnt read books or havent met people with great thinking in her life. Then how come she has such high level of thinking?

2. How can she so easily accept other people's faults and love them unconditionaly?

3. There are so many children there yet after so many visits, how come I never see anybody get irritated with children?

4. She is working hard and struggling for children. But she is getting so much of love in return.

She has a very nice purpose for her life. Isn't she also getting many things in return?


5th June 09

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