Saturday, September 5, 2009

Decision: Freedom to Choose

The Engineering course was nearing an end. I certainly had options to choose from on one end I had the perspective that Nirman had given me and on the other two lucrative jobs. I have called them ends because I feel they are choices apart.

There were a few reasons as to why I picked the other option…

1. Having studied Information Technology at my graduation level, I was rather I still am very curious to know what actually goes into the Industry. How people in the corporate world work, why do they work, what they expect from their field of work, how and why they have gotten into it, how passionate they are about their work, how do they maintain a work life balance and lots more...through interaction and introspection. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to know all this unless I would be here and do that.

2. Money is another important aspect. I have always wanted to know how much money I need to earn. I could have easily accepted a certain sum of money and defined my lifestyle but I needed to know how much money is more money. And I think a lucrative job was the easiest source.

3. I also wanted to truly learn on the technology front. I didn’t know how we would apply what we learnt in our graduation years.

I feel I needn’t justify my reasons for having chosen this option. However I am trying to put across what went through my mind when I made the decision. There is a whole lot of learning that roles in with the decision. After all people working in corporate are also people and even smart people.

Before I joined the firm I had thought that when I leave the company I should feel happy that I am saying good bye and not repent later in life that I didn’t try this in life. It sure has been a rare experience so far… I am going to be working along for another 8 months or so….to get a real time project experience how processing happens and how development actually takes place. Of what I have come across till now all industries have a very efficient system in place. It surely is not a piece of cake to be reining in oddly 3000 or more people and getting work done in an effective manner. Not all people working are smart or intelligent…but they have their own means of getting work done. You can learn to be a team player… and you also get to realize how much importance your dedication to a particular job is valued.

You must be wondering that for long I have been mentioning just the good stuff…. Frankly speaking now I know that this is not the place that I would want to spend the rest of my life. I feel sad and depressed at the end of day when I don’t know how much or for how long it has “rained outside” i.e. how easily I am weaned away from what’s happening in the world outside. I come to know of the events only late after I have reached home or the next days newspaper People live in fake lives…. they want to be doing lots of stuff other than work but they can’t. They are stuck in the 9 to 6 schedules. And even more to earn a 5% hike at the end of the year. Ultimately, not realizing this wouldn’t give them happiness. I used to always wonder at the number of advertisements that are shown on television that always showcased “weekend homes”, “weekend getaways”,” retirement homes” but I have realized you never actually have time to get a” weekend”. Though here in my company they say “You own your career” yet you feel like you are reined to a carriage and that you are driving the carriage but someone has the leash.

I would like to conclude with a small incident….
The other day I left office later in the evening, at this time of the evening we get cab drops. Apparently that day for some reason a cab that comes to our area wasn’t yet assigned and we were waiting for it to be allocated at the same time it started pouring heavily… and the rains drenched us wet in the 5 minute wait span. I was a little irritated because I was wondering I would have to sit all wet till I reached home. Another guy complained about the same thing to his friend… and pat came the reply from his friend: ”Are yaar kabhi bigh gaya to kya hua vaise bhi ham aaj kal barish mein kaha bhig sakte hain”. And I suddenly realized how I loved getting wet in the rains…..

-Shweta Kulkarni

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