Monday, October 12, 2009

Book Review - Small is Beautiful

Small is beautiful
-By E.F. Schumacher

Written during the 1973 energy crisis, it was a very influential book which is divided into four parts of 'The modern world', 'Resources', 'The Third World' and 'Organization and ownership'. The ideas discussed and lessons learned are also very much relevant even today.

Frankly I was not able to clearly interpret everything that I read but sometimes that fact itself makes a book much more interesting.

To start with I was told that the book is on economics but it covers a lot many things and yes all that is done from the point of view of economics. Many a times I felt like the things what I am
reading are no way near to economics(It is off course my inability to connect) but it is fun to read anyways.

At first you start reading and you feel like it is a collection of authors thoughts on various issues which are vaguely organized and the chapters flow in a direction that don't seem to make sense but soon as you get the big picture you realize that the agruments made were very much affable to the given conclusion. The thing that I liked especially is the abundant reference text from other books and wise wording of various great persons are included at
regular interval.

Since I found it a bit hard to read, I might as well include my
way to do it :)
The best way to read (According to me),
1) Start the book with aim that you will read at least two chapters
(Because if you don't do so, there is very high probability that you
will not understand a para, loose interest and keep the book aside)
2) Stop in between and think about what you read. (Only then you
realize the beauty of the ideas conveyed)
3) Finally keep the book aside and you will feel happy that you read
significant part. (Don't read lot because I felt like the material is
bit heavy to digest)

To describe the things in short, man in his excitement to utilize and develop his scientific and technical powers has built a system that ravishes nature. His ever-increasing infinite needs cannot be satisfied by finite resources. The importance to consider the human factor while measuring various economic parameters, importance of land as a resource, ownerships in
large scale organizations and many such interesting topics are discussed.
So people who like to put their thinking cap on and are interested in
studying various systems should surely read this one.

Note :- You need not know any economics to enjoy the book. :)

-Anwar Sahib


Kaustubh said...

A great book indeed.

I very much liked the title of the book.
Small is beautiful - A study of economics as if people mattered. :)

Deep said...

Hmm good review! thanks a lot will search for this one now! BTW have u read alvin tofler, thomas freedman??